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Why Use Percept Demographics?

NEW! All-digital Ministry Area Profile, All New Price!
The Ministry Area Profile has been the standard in church demographics for more than 20 years, relied upon by over 45,000 church leaders when they needed the kind of community ministry insight only it could provide. Now, we're pleased to offer the new, all-digital Ministry Area Profile to the next generation of church leaders...and for the all new price of $219, nearly $100 less than  previously available! For more information and downloadable samples, visit
NEW! | Percept has launched a website called to provide a new, secure, simplified platform for church leaders to create digital, while-you-wait versions of the FirstView report and Ministry Area Profile. Both popular, custom church demographic resources share the same automated ordering system, allowing users to quickly create their custom ministry area, submit a secure online payment, and, within minutes, download their completed report in PDF format. Visit now and add the website to your favorites so, next time you need insight to support your community ministry and energize your church leadership, it will be easy to find. Or, you may want to discover just how simple and fast it is make your custom report right now...
NEW! Bonus ActiveMap Link on All FirstView and Ministry Area Profile Orders | After you complete an order for a digital FirstView or Ministry Area Profile, the links to download your custom reports are delivered to your email inbox within minutes. Now, we've added a brand new ActiveMap link. When you click on the ActiveMap link, you'll be taken to a modified Google map with your study area boundary shown as well as a set of colored markers. Due to our relationships with over 500 denominational organizations over the years, we have amassed the largest and most accurate church location database in existence. We call it ChurchLink and it contains over 100,000 church locations and is updated nearly every day.
When you click on your ActiveMap, you'll see the closest 200 churches to your study area (the maximum allowed by Google at this time). Use your mouse pointer to hover over each church and you will see a label pop up showing the church's name and denomination. Also note that the church markers are colored by denomination. If you don't see a particular denomination on your ActiveMap, it usually means that group has not contributed church location information yet. You can zoom in and out, move the map around, switch between map view and satellite view...all with your ministry area boundary displayed. And you don't even have to sign in to the website to do it. Just click the link. When your browser opens save the page in your Favorites to open it again any time you want.
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Why does Percept guarantee
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If you are not satisfied with your Ministry Area Profile, Percept will refund the cost if you return your product in its original condition within 30 days of purchase