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Context Guide | Appendix B
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Presenting Your Core Story at a Congregational Event
The more members of your congregation who understand the information gleaned from a Percept Context Report the stronger your support base for future ministry plans. One excellent way of introducing them to your Core Story is at a congregation-wide gathering. This may be following a covered dish lunch or dinner or at an afternoon or evening coffee and dessert. Percept knows that conversation always goes better with food! This design is a one hour, 20 minute session intended to either follow a meal or precede the refreshments. A lay leader or the pastor may lead the process. An additional person should be recruited to record the small group responses on newsprint. If possible, you may wish to recruit some small group leaders who are familiar with the Core Story and able to keep the conversation moving so that all the questions are addressed.
Materials needed: a copy of the Core Story for each participant (plus a few extras), at least one copy of the Context Report, newsprint and markers
5 minutes
After a welcome and an opening prayer, distribute copies of the Core Story. Remind those present of the process used to gather the data , the study area boundary and the congregational survey. Explain that the Core Story was prepared as a narrative summary of the Context Report. Inform them that the full Context Report is available for any member wishing to see the raw data.
10 minutes
Ask participants to individually read the report
30 minutes
Divide the participants into groups of no more than six to discuss the following questions:
1 What surprised you in our Core Story?
2 What did you find most encouraging?
3 What did you find most challenging?
4 What are one or two things you believe our congregation
should explore doing as a result of reading our Core Story?
30 minutes
Ask each group to report first on question one, then on question two, etc. Ask for the answers to be brief so that there is time to hear from everyone. Questions one, two and three should go very quickly. The answers to question four should take longer. The answers to question four should be recorded on newsprint for future reference.
5 minutes
If the data gathered will be used in a particular way, share that with the participants (i.e. the church board will share it at the leadership retreat, etc.) Thank the members for coming and close with prayer.