What some chuch leaders have said about
Death of the Church. . .
"A must-read for all pastors and church leaders. A thorougly challenging book, it describes the rise and fall of the institutional church in America, the forces at work in that progession and the forces on the horizon that will force us to re-invent ourselves if we are to minister effectively in the next century."
"Excellent research and analysis of the church's future. I have been reading several books on postmodernism and its implications for the church, but this book goes even further with better research into generational characteristics that rang true in my own life and my family. It is the best book I have read on the need change in the church, and I have read at least five. It also explained why my church has been doing well in that we unwittingly have been ministering to the Switchers and the survivor generation."
"I think the author does an excellent job of examining the state of mainline churches in America today. This book is about change and that scares a lot of people. I found it very informative."
"Mike Regele writes from a wealth of current data on the U.S. population. His findings are startling in their implications for the local congregation. Not only does Regele do careful analysis of the generations in U.S. society and their relation to the faith but examines a range of other social trends that have fateful ramifications for the mission and ministry of the Christian community. This book is must reading for pastors, lay leaders, church planners, and denominational officials."