Memo to Church Leaders from the Builder Generation
Excerpted from Death of the Church, by Mike Regele with Mark Schulz

We are grateful for your faithfulness, but the structures you built and maintained so faithfully are choking us to death. We would ask that you let go. It is time to accept their death. But death, whatever form it takes, does not have to be a repudiation of your efforts. Death accepted as the forerunner to resurrection is worthy of humble celebration. Just as when a saintly loved one departs  there is grief with joy, so also you must consider the end of much of what you have built as a cause for grief with joy. Such a response will be your final act of faith. However, if you cannot let what you have built die where necessary, you have simply condemned it to death anyway without the joy that comes from the hope of resurrection. This is the face of the defining moment for you, as a generation.