Memo to Church Leaders from the Silent Generation
Excerpted from Death of the Church, by Mike Regele with Mark Schulz

To the Silents, we would plead that you not allow us boomers to push you out of the way in our moralistic zeal. The best hope we have that boomers will provide the kind of gift to the church that is most needed is if we are kept in check. We must mature a few more years. But this is a tall task for the Silents for we outnumber you significantly. The challenge you face is exacerbated by your own fears. As indicated earlier, you have enjoyed a long ride on the coattails of the postwar economic boom engineered by the builders. As that world passes away, you will find yourselves watching the activity from the sidelines, as if the world simply forgot you were there. If your pain and anger continues to manifest itself in blocking behaviors, you will only intensify the pressure to push you aside. The challenge will be to move through your anger and accept that it has been a good ride, but the ride is over — let emerge what must. If you silents can do this, then you will be in a position to mitigate some of the boomer zeal and perhaps even mentor us in the ways of graciousness that we will need in our elder years.

In reality, while the defining moment for the builders is letting it go, for you it will be in making sure the letting go happens in the most gracious and humane way. In some ways, the pain of this death will be greater than the pain the builders will experience. For you will have to participate in the killing.