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A quidebook to walk you and your congregation through a process of visioning, mission and ministry planning using Percept's Context.
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Here we offer you a few resources to help you get the most out of your Ministry Area Profile. . .
Thinking Outside the Church:
Your Ministry Area Boundary
Not sure how to settle on a ministry area boundary? Here are three major types of boundaries and a few rules of thumb when defining your ministry area. . .
Before You Order: Common Questions
If you have questions or concerns about ordering a Ministry Area Profile chances are others have had similar questions. If you have an uncommon question, please use our customer service email submission form and ask away. Otherwise, here are a few of the more common questions. . .
From Understanding to Insight
The Ministry Area Profile is designed to help you quickly understand the unique demographic story of your area. The key to gaining insight that can transform your church ministry is asking the right  questions of the information. Here are examples of some different questions that may help to open up the information and turn your understanding to insight. . .
Engaging Your Leadership
After you receive your Ministry Area Profile and familiarize yourself with the information, you'll want to engage your leadership and start the process of mission and ministry evaluation. Here's a way to get the ball rolling. . .
If God Has A Plan, Why Don't We?
If you haven't already decided to use the Ministry Area Profile for ministry planning, you'll find that the information you receive will beg the planning question. It may stimulate ideas, inspire change, and/or challenge pre-conceived notions about the community in which you've been called to minister.
If you are so challenged, here are some tips for how to begin the planning process. . .
Community Leader Interviews
One significant way to enhance the information in your Ministry Area Profile is to interview key community leaders. In addition to the value of listening to other perspectives and letting them see your commitment to the community, it may initiate an important dialogue and help you focus on relevant themes. Here are some ideas to get you started. . .
What About Mailing Lists and Labels?
Percept is not in the mailing list business, but once you start thinking about communicating with the people in your ministry area, a mailing list may be a valuable communication tool. There are many companies that provide mailing lists. One specialist  you can order from online is infoUSA (800-321-0869, or Information you will need before you order is the ZIP Code area(s) you want to mail to and how much you're willing to spend. You will be able to select basic demographics like age range, income range, with or without children, etc., as well as quantity, with or without phone numbers and whether you want to receive the list as a data file or in the form of adhesive address labels. You can also order New Mover address labels to communicate with new residents in your community. Anyway, you'll find all of the information you need on the web site. . .
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