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US Lifestyles Segments

Population By Occupation Type (Age 15 and over) :
Blue Collar: Those occupational categories typically considered to be labor intensive, both production and services sectors. In 1990, 41.9% of the population 15 and older was employed in blue collar occupations.
Farming, Forestry and Fishing: Farm Operators and Managers, Agricultural Related Occupations, Forestry and Logging Occupations, Fishers, Hunters and Trappers.
Laborers: Equipment Handlers, Mechanics, Construction Helpers and Laborers, Production Helpers, Freight Handlers, Garage and Service Station occupations, Vehicle and Equipment Cleaners and Hand Packers.
Operators and Assemblers: Metal Workers, Plastic Workers, Printing Machine Operators and Textile Operators.
Precision Production and Craft: Mechanics and Repairers, Construction Trades, Precision Woodworking, Plant and System Operators.
Service Other: Food Service Preparation, Health Services, Cleaning and Building Services and Personnel Service Occupations.
Service Private Households: Launderers and Ironers, Cooks, Housekeepers, Butlers and Child care Workers.
Service Protective: Firefighting and Fire Prevention, Police and Detectives, and Guards.
Transportation and Material Moving: Motor Vehicle Operators, Railroad, Water Transportation, Long Shore, Hoist and Winch Operators, Crane and Tower Operators.
White Collar: Applies to those occupational categories typically considered professional, managerial, sales, and administrative support. In 1990, 58.1% of the population 15 and older was employed in white collar occupations.
Administrative Support: Administrative Supervisors, Computer Equipment Operators, Secretaries, Typists, Information Clerks, Records Processing, Office Machine Operators, Communications Equipment Operators, Mail and Message Distribution Occupations, Adjusters and Investigators.
Executive and Managerial: Legislators, Chief Executives, Financial Managers, Personnel and Labor Relations Managers, Purchasing Managers, Marketing and Advertising Managers, Educational Administrators, Medical and Health Managers, Real Estate Managers, Postmasters, Funeral Directors and Management Related Occupations.
Professional Specialty: Math and Computer Scientists, Natural Scientists, Health Diagnosing Occupations, Health Assessment and Treating Occupations, Teachers, Counselors, Librarians, Social Scientists and Urban Planners, Social Workers, Religious Workers, Lawyers, Judges, Writers, Artists, Entertainers and Athletes.
Sales Occupations: Sales Supervisors, Sales Representatives and other Sales Related Occupations.
Technical Support: Health Technicians and Science Technicians.