Memo to Church Leaders from the Boomer Generation
Excerpted from Death of the Church, by Mike Regele with Mark Schulz

To the boomers, we say, "Let’s keep our heads, folks." As a generation, we have always felt that we had a key role to play in the great scheme of things. Frankly, most of that may be an overly inflated sense of self-import. But we do have an important role at a very important point in the history of the church. It is not just the normal role all idealists play in the generational cycle. It is the role of re-visioning the church for a new age. But we are not ready yet. We must be about the business of learning, of listening, and of building relationships. We must fight against our natural inclination toward self-righteousness and look for ways to positively contribute to the communities where we are. And especially, we must love the survivors and stop the criticism. The defining moment for boomers will require cool headedness and careful compassion. It will require us to step out of our fragmented and hostile polarizations and find in the Gospel a common vision. The difficulty of this for us is the face of our death.