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US Lifestyles Segments

Group Quarters
Population in Group Quarters By Type indicates the number of persons living in five different types of group quarters.
Institutions: Includes persons under formally authorized, supervised care or custody in an institution.
College Dorm: Includes college students in dormitories (provided the dormitory is restricted to students who do not have their families living with them), fraternity and sorority houses, and on-campus residential quarters used exclusively for those in religious orders who are attending college. Students in privately-owned rooming and boarding houses off campus are also included if the place is reserved exclusively for occupancy by college-level students and if there are 10 or more unrelated persons. Students living at home with their families are not included in the figure.
Military: Includes military personnel living in barracks and dormitories on base, transient quarters on base for temporary residents (both civilian and military), and military ships. However, patients in military hospitals receiving treatment for chronic diseases or who have no usual home elsewhere, and persons being held in military stockades were included as part of the institutional population.
Shelter/Street:  Includes shelters and group homes which provide temporary sleeping quarters. The Census Bureau designation "street" includes street blocks and open public locations designated before census day by city and community officials as places where the homeless congregate at night. All persons found at pre designated street sites from 2 a.m. to 4 a.m. and leaving abandoned or boarded-up buildings from 4 a.m. to 8 a.m. on March 21, 1990, were counted during "street" enumeration, except persons in uniform such as police and persons engaged in obvious money-making activities other than begging and panhandling. Note: The Census Bureau has specifically disclaimed that their shelter/street count is a comprehensive accounting of all homeless persons in the United States. Use these numbers for comparison, but remember there may be a significant undercount of homeless persons in your area.
Other: Also referred to as "non-institutional group quarters." Includes all persons who live in group quarters other than institutions, college dorms and military facilities.